Testimonials from previous clients


I would highly recommend Dan as a coach, he lives and breathes what he teaches. His welcoming attitude and passion for helping people are so inspiring, and his knowledge of all aspects of the nutritional world has blown my mind.
— Cassandra Marriott

"I worked with Dan between June and July 2017 following his 8 week health coaching programme. During this time, I had almost daily interaction with him, including full support and advice on how to successfully follow and make the most out of the programme. I found Dan to be a very likeable and encouraging character; his passion and belief in the subject comes through in his work and his commitment to supporting me in achieving success. At the end of the programme I felt the best that I had in a long time. I had much clearer skin, higher energy levels and much greater focus and concentration, I also had the lowest body fat percentage in the two years that I had been measuring it.

I felt that his services were extremely good value for money, in particular given the full access to all of his educational resources and eBook. Dan taught me a wealth of knowledge surrounding the underpinnings of nutrition, fasting and ketogenic dieting. He also provided complementary advice on topics such as gut health, stress, sleep and circadian rhythm management, in addition to tons and tons of recipes and round-the-clock access to his advice whenever I needed it."

- Sandra

"Taking part in family health coaching with Dan was the best decision that we have ever made. Where do I begin? The benefits that we have received from working with Dan are immeasurable. I have lost almost 1 and a half stone over 8 weeks and my 14-year-old son has lost one stone just through making changes to his eating without any fasting (this has given him much greater confidence and energy to focus on school). But, by far the greatest benefits have come for my partner, who is now no longer considered a type-2 diabetic, after he has been able to come off all medications in the 3 months since we first began health coaching. I cannot thank Dan enough for his down to earth and practical approach to helping us change our eating and lifestyle habits, one step at a time. Before working with Dan I had tried everything; WeightWatchers, Slimfast, calorie counting and every other gimmicky diet that you can imagine. I now know why these changes never stuck. Thank you Dan - you have opened the door to a new life for me and my family."

- Julie Grant

"Excellent. I came into Dan's health coaching programme having done a ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting protocols previously, and I thought that I had a pretty good understanding of them. As it turned out, I didn’t. Dan's knowledge is second to none and his passion for helping other people become healthier and happier human beings is incredible. He’s always on hand to help out, whether it be via an email or to arrange a meet up for a proper chat. I was coached by Dan during my off season and my aims were to build muscle and stay lean, I was a bit sceptical about using the ketogenic diet at first as the mainstream way of putting on muscle is to pile carbs into your diet - as Dan has shown me, this wasn’t the case. I comfortably met my goal of putting on muscle whilst staying lean even though I couldn’t train properly due to an ongoing injury. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone wishing to improve their lifestyle and eating habits, the information he gives you isn’t just a quick fix like other fad diets, these are principles that you can stick to for the rest of your life.

- Ben Fitchet

"Dan and the team at Fast For Life have taught me so much whilst on the programme. I have type 2 diabetes and I joined to try and reverse this. I have been given all the advise that I need to make this happen. I now know what type of foods are best to avoid in order to keep my bloods under control. Whenever I've had a question, it has NEVER been too much trouble for Dan and the team. They have always responded very quickly and given amazing advice. I couldn't recommend them enough. Keeping up with fasting and good nutrition is now a daily thing for me. I may not always do long fasts but I can go a lot longer that I ever could before. I feel much more energetic and less sluggish than I have for years previously. With all the new knowledge that I have learnt, I am looking forward to being free from diabetes in the near future. Thank you, you have been truly amazing." 

- Angela doherty

"In particular, Dan's health coaching programme has really helped me to reflect on my food cravings. I have managed to gain control over my eating habits and I am now starting to see food very differently. I have learnt that I am not physically craving most foods (especially sweet things), but that these psychological craving appear especially when I feel stressed. The programme has taught me a lot about managing these cravings. I am truly starting to enjoy food. It all tastes so much better and I am no longer feeling bloated and sluggish after every meal. I no longer fall asleep in front of the TV every night and I have lost 11LB in weight, which is just an extra bonus in my eyes. Finally I am fitting into clothes that were getting too small to wear. I am able to stop myself from snacking and picking at food, as I now know and feel the benefits of fasting between meals. Most of all, working with Dan has helped me to regain self-control around food and my eating habits that had previously been lost! THANK YOU!"

- Sian Gallienne

"Since working with Dan I've lost weight, but, more importantly, I have much better energy levels that remain constant throughout the day and into the night. I'm sleeping less but the quality of my sleep has improved massively. I feel like a different person now, and thanks to your support and resources this will allow me to carry this lifestyle forward. Dan, your measured and balanced approach with me has been extremely helpful in guiding through the unknowns and keeping me on track in a subtle ways when needed (the best way for me!) - there's more I need to work on beyond that of diet, but having better energy levels and renewed desire to learn will allow me to do so!"

- Nick Leale